We have been making artist's books for over 30 years together. Long ago as craftspeople at Renaissance faires we fell in love with the "gypsy wagons" that vendors built to sleep in and sell their wares from. This wagon is taking us around the country to sell our books, teach book arts workshops, talk about books and see the beauty in the USA.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park had no internet available, so we instead got to enjoy 3 days of rocks, cactus and wildflowers.
Today, we are visiting the Salton Sea, where I have access to the internet for a few minutes in the visitor center. I'd rather be looking at the birds, so back outside I go!
We'll be posting with pictures ASAP!


rickzeek said...

It looks like you are having great fun taking care of business, but I'm glad to see you leave the internet zone too. That to me is where the true freedom comes in, even though the road is a freedom in itself. I'm jealous since I won't get a long road trip this year but I'll try to live through you this trip.
Enjoy! Rick

desert argonauta said...
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desert argonauta said...

Enjoyed your blog--and was surprised that you were not directed to the public library for free internet access when visiting Joshua Tree.
Best wishes and visit again!
Janis Commentz - artist